Tuesday, April 26, 2016

When Dad's Away

It was our annual Mom/Son weekend. At least that's how I saw it when Brad took Eve on the Daddy/Daughter campout this weekend. Lily had to work and stayed home, but she was so busy that we rarely saw her.

I love these weekends when it's me and just a few of the kids. I let the boys dictate our schedule, and it was testosterone heavy, to be sure.

After stopping at Sonic for Lily (and for dinner and shakes for the boys), we played three rounds of laser tag.
Guess who was the best shot of the three of us? Hyrum. Laser tag is not Mom's favorite activity, but I'd do anything for these two guys.

After laser tag, we made popcorn and watched the first part of Harry Potter 7. The rule in our family is this: before watching the movie, you must read the book. As great as Harry, Ron, and Hermione are on the big screen, they're even better when seen through J. K. Rowling's prose. Hyrum just finished #7, so this was the perfect opportunity to watch the movie without excluding Eve. Hyrum falls asleep easy and early (just like his mom), but he had no problem staying up till almost midnight to finish the movie.

Saturday morning (after dropping Lily off at work again), we ate breakfast at Cracker's, their favorite breakfast anywhere.

Then we were off to the next boy thing--BYU FanFest at Pioneer Park. I didn't think the boys would enjoy this much, but I was happily wrong. It was boy HEAVEN.
They tackled the practice dummies like pros . . .

. . . and passed to their favorite receivers.

Coaching staff mingled around and talked with the kids.
They gave passing pointers and showed the boys the best way to stand.

A few photo ops were sprinkled around, and the boys loved wearing the real jerseys and helmets. Micah insisted on an action shot. That boy loves football right now.
Fans lined up for autographs all over the park--there were football players and basketball players, to be sure, but the most popular? Coach Sitake . . .

. . . and the man I wanted to meet, Ty Detmer.
He is the nicest guy ever.
I'm sure his head was pretty sunburned after standing in the AZ sun for hours on end, talking to fans.

We left the park stoked for this next year's season, especially for the BYU/U of A matchup to kick off the season.

I know Dad and Eve had fun camping, but our weekend was the best ever! 

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  1. Love that they treated your boys so well at the BYU thing.