Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Blurry Is Better than Nothing

My photo skills are suffering through an awkward fuzzy phase. I can't seem to get the shots I'm after--I can't figure out if my camera needs to be adjusted or (most likely) if there's something with me lately. But blurry is better than nothing.
Eve participated in Miss Jenee's performance class this semester and it was so good for her.
My littlest girl is an unusual combination of shy and obstinate--she'll hide behind me when she meets someone new, but she's pretty vocal about her fear at the same time.
These performing classes are so good for Eve. They help her overcome her fear of new experiences and new people and gain confidence.
Once she's on stage and the lights come up, her fear disappears and out comes a different Evie.
She sings and dances and tries so hard to please Miss Marissa and Miss Jenee.
She knows to hold a pose at the end of a song, and it's funny, because she holds it longer than anyone else.
All the other kids are wiggling around, waving at their parents, or preparing for the next song while Eve is frozen in the pose from the previous number. Just before the music starts for the next song, Eve will snap out of her frozen pose and prepare. It's hilarious.
Eve loves her teachers so much. When teachers love kids and love what they do, kids can tell. And that is definitely the case with Miss Jenee. Everything the kids do is wonderful. They're all stars and beautiful. And she tells them over and over and over how amazing they are. I love that about her--and so does Eve. Each one of her students think they're the favorite--because each one is her favorite. It's one of Jenee's best qualities--the ability to make everyone around her feel loved and fabulous.

Miss Jenee does some local advertising, and one day we received one of her ads in the mail. Eve found it and ran to me.

"MOM!!!! Is this Miss Jenee?" It is. 

"Can I keep this forever?" Yes you may. I may or may not have hidden my snicker behind my hand at that point.

Eve's already talking about singing with Miss Jenee in August. Both of us can't wait.

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  1. A good teacher really blesses a child's life forever. I believe that.