Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Prom 2016

Picture overload.

That's an understatement.
Lily's first prom.
Her date is such a good guy.

I'd never been to the park where they took pictures, but it was so beautiful.
These pictures are mostly for grandmas and for us to remember later. 

Of all the posts I've ever done, I think this one has the most pictures of any.

And I doubt most of you will make it past this point.

Even to see great poses like these . . .

And beautiful couples like these.

I'm impressed if you've gotten this far.

Isn't Lily's face funny in this one? The kids loved squeezing the chubby cheeks and thighs of the photographer's baby.

If the boys can do it, so can the girls, right?

I think this one is my very favorite.

Lily and Haydenn
This girl is moving to New Mexico this summer, and I don't know what Lily will do without her . . .

And if you made it through all the way to the end, I'm impressed!

Some of my most vivid memories from high school are from the dances. I know this is one Lily will treasure.