Tuesday, May 3, 2016

She's Gone

It's been a long six months for this girl. We've spent countless hours side by side--in the truck, in the Suburban, and in Brad's car--with me teaching her how to drive.
Thirty minutes at the DMV on Saturday, and now she's licensed and free.
Thirty minutes after getting home, I heard her call up the stairs, "Bye!"

Where you going?
"Dad needs something at the store."

When she got home, she had taken the truck through the $3 car wash and vacuumed it out.
And with that, she's received her wings.

But bad luck hit Sunday morning. The starter went out.

She'll have to wait a few more days until she's completely free. And it will be almost as hard as waiting six months.


  1. How exciting for her! Congrats Lily! And, what a smart girl to vacuum and go through the car wash! ;)