Friday, July 22, 2016

Eve Alone

What to do when there's only one child at home?

It's been weird. And quiet. And clean. And boring.

I miss my monkeys. The boys fly in this morning, and I can't wait to squeeze them and hear all about their adventures.

I had school prep to do this week, but Eve and I had a few adventures together. We did her school shopping (post coming later), and we ate lunch out a few times.

She took my phone a few times and wandered the house taking pictures.

 And we got a crazy idea to head up to the cabin for a night or two.

Eve snagged my phone on the drive up.
She has two new movie addictions this summer--High School Musical 2 and Ella Enchanted. Here's a shot of Prince Char as we drove up.
And she took at least two dozen variations of this picture. Why, I don't know.
Eve loves to play Tenzi.

And we spent much of the evening out on these stumps rolling dice and laughing.
It is so beautiful up there. I know I'm crazy about the mountains, but I love this piece of heaven.
We saw this guy wandering through our property as we played dice.
And the next morning on my walk, I saw his brother--five by five in his summer velvet. This guy was a little hostile and territorial, and I was glad when he moved out of the road and let me pass.
It was a beautiful morning. So quiet and peaceful and cool.
Lily gave Eve permission to sleep in her bed while she was gone, and Eve took full advantage of the privilege--even using Lily's coveted "soft blanky" and "cozy pillow."
Good thing for Eve that Annie lives with us, or she would have been painfully lonely. The little girls played and swam and dressed up and fought and watched High School Musical 2.

As the baby of a big family, Eve doesn't know what it's like to be alone so much, and she didn't love it. I don't know who will give her brothers bigger hugs at the airport today--her or me.


  1. So many lovely things about this time for you and Evie. The time aline, the wee bit of only-child attention and then the learning just how much she loves being part of a bigger family.

  2. I admit to coveting your mountain home.
    I'm working on overcoming it. ;)

  3. Your place looks so inviting and beautiful. Love the wildlife.
    How fun to have just Evie! I'm sure you have made some wonderful memories for her.