Monday, August 1, 2016

My People

I will look back on July as the month I spent with my people.
At the cabin. At the beach. At dive meets. In the car. In Idaho and Utah (briefly).
July was a break from most things--house cleaning, school stress, cooking, whatever. We took time to be with our family in some way for most of the month. And I remembered something really important.

I love my people. The little people and the big people. The young people and the old people. And everyone in between.

Life is going to be very different around here starting next week. I'm trying to wrap my mind around it and organize for it and prepare for it and steel myself for it, but I have no real clue how things will change once I'm . . . working.

So weird.

But I hope the lesson of July will stick with me, and that I will remember how important my people are to me.

Thanks, July. You gave me gorgeous sunsets in the mountains, on the beach, and in my backyard. You gave me precious moments with those I love the most.

And I'll try to remember.

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