Monday, July 11, 2016


Summer--just a few things I want to remember from this summer.

Micah turned 12 in June, and for a few years, all he's wanted to do on his birthday was go to the Mesa temple to do baptisms. (For more information, click here.) He and Lily spent one morning together, and after the temple, they headed to IHOP for a celebratory breakfast.
Eve cracks me up.
As I left to pick Hyrum up from dive one morning, she was perched on top of the piano, reading a book--like this was a normal place to casually read. She's always loved to write me small notes and bring me flowers, but her latest sweet service has been filling a cup with ice, cracking open a diet Pepsi, and surprising me with it as I slave away at the computer on school preparations. Her little blond head peeks around the corner with her hands behind her back, and then she carefully brings the filled cup in front of her. No matter the time of day, I happily drink it down (I've tried explaining to her that I really don't care for soda for breakfast, but how can I tell that little monkey no?)

No pictures from our day (my phone overheated while we were there--only AZ people recognize this symbol on their phones) . . .
. . . but we took the four kids to Sunsplash on Saturday. While it was busier than I've ever seen it before, we had a great time together with our kids. It may have been my favorite day activity ever with them. I wish I could pinpoint the reason why, but it was a great day with just the right amount of sun with no sunburn and time together.

Brad's cousin and his family are passing through AZ this weekend, and we spent some quality time together, watching home movies and playing games.
Nothing brings me so much joy as my family. I love being surrounded by them and spending time with them and laughing together and making memories.

Nothing better than family.


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