Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Modified MCC

Lily and Micah didn't do MCC's Musical Theatre Workshop this summer, but the two little kids did.
Eve comes alive on the stage. From such a shy little tiny girl, I'm happy to see her confidence grow.
Hyrum is a good sport about it all. He's not naturally coordinated or a good dance, but he always tries and listens.
His favorite was the all boy song and he took it very seriously. He did tell me that this was his last time participating, and the only thing that kept him going every day was that he could read his book while he waited.
Theatre is probably not his thing, but I was grateful for his positive attitude and trying something different.

And offstage, their attitudes flipped. Hyrum was willing to take pictures . . .
. . . while Evie was suddenly camera shy and grumpy.

Love these monkeys, and I'm glad we live in a place where they have such positive summer activities for my kiddos.

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