Saturday, August 6, 2016

Best of the Beach

Freezing moments in time. That's photography. That's blogging. That's family. Here are my favorite photos from our week in Oceanside.


Last time we went to California I captured this image and here's the back story.

Here Lily and Nathan are reenacting it. I wonder how many years she will be able to carry him on her shoulders like that.

Grandpa Tucker and Annie

Silhouettes of the boys at sunset.


Getting the whole crew together for a group photo is getting a little more challenging, but I insist on it every time I can get one.

 And the real Dentons--crazy and a little silly.

I had a hard time picking my favorite image from the trip. Initially I chose the water droplet on Hyrum's nose, but the more I look at the image below, the more I love it.

Oceanside, CA 2016. Here's to the first trip of many I see in the future.

And I didn't die from the sand, so maybe I won't dread it next time.


  1. A family holiday on a beach is the best!
    Good luck in the weeks to come as you prepare for the big change in your schedule.