Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Just the Girls

I got a call last Monday morning from my sister Karen.

"Jen, ummmmmmm."

She wanted to bring her family down to visit AZ and summer had gotten away from her and now it was almost over and . . .

"Can we come stay with you on Wednesday?"

I was so happy.

My family lives far away and visits are precious.

We had a great time together--girls' lunch at Crackers, Krazy Air with the kids, dinner out as adults, boys' time hiking Usery Pass with their new drones, weathering teenagers' emotions and smaller kids' squabbles . . . and cheering on Michael Phelps to his first gold medal of the Olympics.

Karen and I had talks and giggles and memories. While it was hard for me to put my school preparation on hold for the weekend (at first), I was so happy they came to play with us as a last summer hurrah. We did a lot of fun things this summer, but making memories with my sister was one of my top five, for sure.

Thanks for coming, Thompsons. We love you.

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  1. I can imagine how thrilled your were. I love when my sister visit and wish its happened more frequently.