Wednesday, August 10, 2016

First Day for the Kiddos

School snuck up on us this year.

Normally my kids bounce out of bed on the first day of school, slide into their laid-out clothes (all the way down to shoes and socks on the floor like a murder scene outline), smile through breakfast and bound out the door.

Not today.

Maybe it was the Olympics last night (Go USA!). Maybe it was Lily's apathy. Maybe it was Micah's late rehearsal.

Most likely, however, it's Mom's new job, which officially starts tomorrow (more on that  . . . tomorrow).

The two littles were excited!
Eve--second grade

Hyrum--fourth grade

Micah--seventh grade

Lily--eleventh grade

I love these silly kids and I hope they come home from school with their excitement lit and ready for a great school year!

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