Thursday, August 4, 2016

California Dreamin' Part 1

So many memories from our last minute beach trip this year. I have a well known hate/hate relationship with sand (you can read my hatred of the grainy stuff here). This post is overwhelmingly filled with photos.
We went to the beach two years ago with Brad's extended family, and it wasn't my favorite, but we had a good time--the kids had a great time.
Remembering how much fun the kids had, I suggested to Brad in June that we try to get a house right on the beach so I could wash away the sand as soon as I could and then maybe I could tolerate it. We halfheartedly checked VRBO, and someone must have cancelled their reservation that morning. Only one house on the entire California coast that would accommodate our family was available for rent that week--and we snapped it up.

It was perfect. Heidi's family and Tucker's family joined us.
Beach walks and sunsets.
Games after kids were in bed.
Walks along the pier

And Micah pinky promised me (and I took a picture to forever remind him) that he won't get a girlfriend till he's 18 years old.

Nathan threw his orange boat into the ocean and a wave took it forever away. The next day, this orange shovel washed onto the shore. The ocean giveth, and the ocean taketh away.
Lots of beach time.

Here's where we stayed. Right. On. The. Beach.
Sand castles

Micah transitioned this trip from being a kid to hanging with the adults.
He's funny and fun and growing up. I love that kid.
Watch Karli's face in these pictures. She has a funny relationship with Brad.

Kids bounced from waves to the house, eating a whole case of fruit snacks over the week.

Game after game of Catan
And my sweet baby Thomas. Look at those cheeks!
Peek a boo!

Football in the yard. By the ocean. It was amazing.

These two were inseparable as usual. Best of friends.
Photo bomb!

All the sun and beach and water wore everyone out, and Jonah crashed on the couch with all of the commotion around him.

Visits every evening as the sun went down.
Eve and Ellie convinced the boys to be their patients as they nursed them back to health.

A few dance parties before kids went to bed. We Dentons love our dance parties.

And lots and lots of wave jumping. The whole group decided this was their favorite way to enjoy the ocean--no boogie boards, no wave riding, just them and the waves.

I tried it a few times, but it's really not my thing.

Precious rocks and shells.

I'm sure the only people who got through all those pictures are my mom and Heidi. I don't want to forget a single moment from this trip.

And, believe it or not, there are more pictures tomorrow!


  1. I got through all of them! Loved it! The one of Lily is my fav.

  2. Where is this amazing house? I need to tell my parents because we love going to the beach as well but the place we usually stay keeps raising their prices.

  3. What a great trip! You got some priceless shots, so happy for you and the memories you created :)

  4. So funny that we were there a week before you, right by the pier.