Monday, September 5, 2016

End-of-Summer Concerts

Two kids--two very different concerts this summer.

Lily discovered Panic! at the Disco last fall and loves their music. When she heard they had a concert scheduled for Phoenix in August, she begged me to finance ticket purchases so she could take her friend as a birthday gift.

It was March.

Five months to pay off two concert tickets? I agreed, and from the end of March, Lily anticipated her night with Sally at the concert.

Problem. When Sally's brother received his mission call, her family's vacation rescheduled--the week of the Panic! concert. Luckily, Lily's friend Ellie agreed to take Sally's place.

The day of the concert brought monsoon storms and wind. I kept texting Lily all day, teasing her with the news: "They're gonna cancel it." "Look to the west!" Nothing would stop her from attending that concert. Good thing, because they had a great time.

Not really my thing, but I'm glad she had a great night with her friend.

Micah spent his birthday at scout camp, where they celebrated with a Ding Dong tower and candles for a cake. When he called me, bubbling with the attention and sugar, I told him his birthday present: two tickets to see "The Piano Guys" in August.

Just me and my boy, the piano lovers in our family.
We made a date of it. I asked him where he wanted to eat, and he insisted that I choose, saying he wanted this to be my night, too. After snagging a quick dinner at Panera in Tempe (and a sunset shot), we drove to Phoenix, laughing and catching Pokemon along the way.
This boy of mine is quickly morphing into a teenager. He insists on staying up later and getting older kid privileges.
I just enjoy his company. He's a funny, fun, interesting guy. And he has good taste in music. Watching his idols on stage lit a fire in his practicing (that lasted maybe a week, to be honest), and I loved spending the evening with him.

One thing I love about being a mom--watching my kids grow into individuals who love different things and bring excitement to our family.

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  1. It's always so much fun to do one-on-one stuff with the kids. I bet he enjoyed it, too!
    Love that he wanted you to pick the seats to make it "your" night, too.