Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Counting Down

How is this possible?
28 days.

In a short 28 days, I'll be squeezing my boy.
I spent the last 30 minutes rereading all of the posts from the week Ben left for Peru (the day he left, and how I felt about it), and tears wet my cheeks. That's the first time in 23 months I've reread those posts.

I should have waited a few more weeks.

Now I can't wait to see him.

October 4, four days shy of two years.

28 days, four weeks from today.

I know the time will fly by . . .

28 days.

Who's counting?


  1. Me, I am counting!!!

  2. Seriously two of the best days of my life were welcoming my boys home. No hug compares!