Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Who's Knocking At Our Door?

The creativity factor for Homecoming invitations rose this year. Our doorbell rang one night, and you will never guess what was there. I know I would never guess this one.
No. That's not a dog in that dog crate.
My favorite part of this invitation was the other side of the sign. "PLZ return the goat."
Liking keeping him was an option . . .

Lily laughed and laughed and answered Bradley immediately. After a quick run to Walmart for Lucky Charms, she and Brad loaded the goat into the truck with another sign: "You're Lucky you Charmed me into going to HoCo with you. That's not a BAAAAAD idea!"

Pretty quick on the answer (and on the goat turnaround . . .). Bradley is a friend from her old high school, and she is excited to see her friends at the dance in October.

A week later, the doorbell rang again. This time Lily was at work, and I kept anxiously texting her to get home.
I loved this idea. 
She giggled as she tried combinations and ate Hershey's kisses. Cute and quick and with a little effort, she figured out it was Jared asking her to Heritage's Homecoming this month. She's working on an answer for this one--hopefully before the week is over.

I love the creativity behind these invitations--nothing expensive, but that little bit of effort makes the person being asked feel so special!

Now to find dresses for two dances . . . 


  1. I can't believe how creative these kids are! Such cute invites!!!

  2. What fun! She seems to be in great demand...=)