Thursday, September 8, 2016

If You Like Football . . .

Micah made the transition to the 7-12 school without a hitch. I was expecting it to be hard for him, but he comes home happy every day and practices hard twice a week for the school's flag football team.

Micah has big shoes to fill on the Heritage football field. The boys who are currently seniors were sophomores when Ben played, and they all know the Denton name. That's pressure for a twelve year old.
I don't think it's fazing him, though. He left practice sweaty but proud a few weeks ago, bursting into my office with the news that he'd swatted a pass intended for the starting varsity quarterback.
Now, I don't know how good the pass was. And I don't know what kind of a receiver a quarterback makes, but it gave my little sevvie something to BRAG about. "MOM! I swatted him! And they were all like, 'who is this kid?' and I said, 'Micah Denton,' and they were like, 'Ben's brother?' and I was like, 'Yeah,' and they were like, 'Oh! That makes sense!'" The smile never left his face that day.
All the varsity players who help with his team now call him, "Little Denton." He wears the moniker with pride.
He had a pick 6 in their first game (called back for flag guarding), and the team won in the last minute. It's stupid how much I love watching football . . . especially when played by boys I know and love.

And while I was watching Micah's first game, Eve amused herself with selfies on my phone.
I love this last one. Now that's a face you don't want to see angry, right?
And you all thought she was a sweet little girl with green eyes, right? Wrong.


  1. haha

    Love it.
    And I love that Micah is proud of being "Little Denton."

  2. Oh one of the blessings of coming from a large family is the hand-me-downs of friendships and positive characteristics from oldest to youngest. We love it! Congratulations to Micah on the success of creating his own part of the legacy Ben left behind! And your green-eyed baby is adorable!