Monday, October 10, 2016

And He Was There

Again, no time to properly edit photos, but I've got to get this posted.

We heard he was coming down the walkway, and then we saw him.

He dropped his bags . . .

. . .  and he was home.

There are no words to describe this moment until it happens for you.

My excitement to hug Ben only beat one other person--and that was Lily.

Tucker was next, and I loved seeing my two adult sons together. Two men.
And Dad patiently waited for his turn.
And Hyrum
Heidi was on FaceTime with her little ones in Idaho.
Then Ben got reacquainted with Annie, who was just a few months old when he left.
Aunt and Uncle
Mom Shauna
Eve was overwhelmed by the moment and her excitement morphed into fear. She would hardly look at Ben at the airport, but once we were in the car, her excitement returned.

This was a hug I'd been waiting 28 months to see. Remember when Ben's best friend, McKay left for Korea last June?
That's how long it's been since these two saw each other.

Still a little bit silly, but both grown men.

How I love them both. I'm so grateful they had each other to support commiserate with these last two years--and for most of their lives.

And McKay's sister Abby got to hug her other older brother.

There is always so much joy at the airport when a missionary returns.

My four oldest kids. Soon Heidi will be here and we can get this photo for real.
And Karli's amazing artwork.

Mama Cole. This dearest friend of mine changed this boy's diapers and has loved him every day of his life.
All of us together. I can't wait till Saturday when Heidi is here, too.
I couldn't hug him enough that day.

Same old Ben--teasing and laughing and making those around him happy.

Eve took her responsibility for this suitcase very seriously and got very upset when someone else lifted it into the car.
With our stake president just before he was released from full-time missionary service.
Such a happy moment to have him finally home with all of us.
We love you, Ben, and we're so glad you're back home with us for a few months.


Hurrah for Israel.


  1. Good thing I read this after everyone else went to bed...I am such an ugly crier. Welcome home Ben! We love you!!

  2. There isn't a better feeling. Have fun with him!