Friday, October 7, 2016

Waiting at the Airport

I wish I had time to edit these pictures the way they should be, but it's more important to me to get them posted--or I'll never get to it. Life is so crazy busy right now.
Flight status online put Ben's flight arriving 30 minutes early, so we made sure we were there in plenty of time. When we got there, the board said it was on time. That gave us lots of time to wait.
 Annie danced around with this flag for ten minutes, squealing and laughing at herself. It was funny.
Eve danced around with the cutest boy she could find--and McKay got a workout lifting and running and playing with her.
 Cousins. I love that these guys are growing up together.
 And these guys. They're practically grown now. Payson's a senior--where did the time go?
 Hyrum had more poster ideas in his head, so he spent much of his time on the floor with a pen drawing monsters.
 The time drew closer, and the kids grabbed their signs to wait in front of the security gate.

 These two girls are best friends.

 I think they thought they'd stay behind that poster until Ben came, but it got too long for them to wait.

This poster is a private joke between my big boys--I guess Dienton means "buck teeth" in Spanish? Karli drew this, and we were all quite impressed with her skills.

 This sign got a bit out of control, but I love it--and all of the people around it.
 As I walked to the chair to set down my camera, someone yelled, "It's Ben! I see him!"

And that's when . . .


  1. How can you leave us hanging like that?? You are a bad woman...a very bad woman


  2. Ahhhh! What a rotten way to end a post!