Monday, October 3, 2016

Double Homecoming

Two weekends in a row Lily had Homecoming dances.
First was her high school's dance. Heritage always has a theme of some sort for Homecoming, and this year it was "Dynamic duos."
Can you guess who they are?

Neither could I, but Lily said the headband is a dead giveaway for Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass. Never seen the show, but they looked awesome--even when they were messing around.

Jared can handle Lily's sass just fine, thank you.
And she dishes it straight back at him.

Their friends were Grey's Anatomy, hence the scrubs.

She had a great time, crawled into bed around midnight, then left the house at 6 am Saturday morning for her day date to Mountain View's day date.

And Saturday was her second dance--struggling with the boutonniere.
 That's nothing. Remember how awkward it used to be to have your date pin on a corsage? Yeah. That was awkward. Now it's just a quick slide on the wrist.
 Remember the goat?

Here's the young man responsible.

 I've known B most of his life, and it was fun to see these two go to a dance together.

They opted for comfort for this dance. Can you tell?
 Vans and sequins. 
She crashed most of the day Sunday, stirring for conference and food. Time to recuperate just a little, I think.

I'm so glad Lily has great young men in her life.

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