Monday, December 19, 2016

Winter Formal One

 Winter formal at Heritage this year. I'm quite behind on my blogging . . .

 I know it's fun to get all dressed up for someone that you have a crush on, but it's almost more fun when you go with one of your good buddies and just have a great time. That's what Lily and Erin did with Casey and Daniel. These four had such a great time together.

Lily bought this dress in Pakistan when she went last year, and I love that she wore it to the dance. She lost the removable sleeves a while ago, but it looked great without them.

 I think this one is my favorite.

 This is what happens when your mom asks you to kiss your friend for a picture . . .

 Erin's mom helped us in the kitchen that night. Rachael is a kind, helpful lady who washed most of the dishes and entertained us with her funny personality. I'm so glad she could help.

 This dinner was only four days after I returned from Pakistan, and I was a little stressed that it wouldn't turn out very well. But it was beautiful.

Shauna and I wanted to do one last formal dinner together for our girls, and since her baby, Abby, is a senior, this was our last chance.
It was beautiful. The food was excellent, and the kid were so polite. I hope they remember it always. I know I will.

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