Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Winter Formal Two

Lily loved going to MVHS's Winter Formal the night after Heritage's. It was a little crazy, schedule-wise, but she had a great time.

 Another dance, another good friend--this time from our ward. This was the last sliver of light as the sun went down.
 Lily and Sally, one of her best friends in the world. Aren't these girls gorgeous?

In all the commotion of working, making a salad, getting her hair done, etc., Lily forgot to pick up her boutonniere. I had to include this picture, because Ben ran to the store and got it for her. Love big brothers.

 Lily's dress. This one was a big risk. She wanted something a little unusual, and when we found this one online, she knew it was the one. I was worried picking green from the computer screen, but when it came, it was perfect. Especially for Winter Formal.

 Look at Lily in this one. Wish I could remember what was going on . . .
 The light was disappearing quickly, and I know they all wished I could take more pictures.
 But they were off. Two great nights in a row for my girl. I'm so glad she has many good friends and opportunities to dress up with them.

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