Thursday, January 12, 2017

Gus Gets a Bath

Hyrum loves to spend money. I mean, he can't hold onto a dollar for more than an afternoon without begging to go to Target or The Soda Shop or GameStop or anywhere he can go to spend it. He's very generous with his funds, willing to buy treats and surprises for friends and family on his adventures.

This generosity of spirit, however, often comes back to bite him when something big comes along. I can't remember why, but he needed $10 for something--I think it was the school carnival--or he couldn't go.

"Mom, do you have any jobs I could do to earn that money?"

"Well, Gus needs a bath. You could wash him and vacuum him out. I'd pay you $10 for that."
Before I knew it, he was back downstairs in his swimsuit, towels and rags in hand, asking me to show him how to wash the car.

For a short guy, he did a great job (it doesn't hurt that Gus is short, too). His first time cleaning the car was worth $10 to him and to me.
Don't think he loved it, though. When I asked him to do it again a few weeks later, he couldn't be enticed, no matter the fee.

I'm not worried. I'm sure he'll need funds again sometime. And Gus almost always needs a bath.

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