Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New Year, New Snow

We watched the forecast pretty closely during Christmas break to see if there would be snowfall at the cabin we could enjoy. Our best bet was New Year's Day, so after church we packed all the snow gear, a little food, and the kids, and we headed north to Pine. When we got there, only patches of snow lay hidden in the forest--the rest was muddy and brown.

We didn't give up hope, because snow was forecast to fall all night long. We went to bed with a few flakes falling, fingers crossed that it would cool off enough to blanket the ground.

As it turned out, Pine was about 100 feet below the snow line in this storm. The kids woke up to a few more slushy patches, but no real snow. After breakfast, we piled in the Suburban and headed up on the rim in search of the white stuff. We didn't have to drive far.
Four new inches of snow covered the ground and flakes fell all around us. The kids were excited. I think Eve's only enjoyed snow once or twice in her life, so this was a real treat for her.
Not many things are more thrilling to Valley of the Sun kids than snow. We never see it, so it's really a treat.
I know most of you are moaning at this right now, since your own weather has been so snowy. Sorry.

We left the cabin without bringing the sleds (or Ben's gloves). Duh. But we had fun anyway.
Hyrum is still learning how to participate in the fun without getting his feelings hurt when someone gets him back, but Micah was unfazed every time he was whitewashed or dunked in a bank.

Brad is usually the king of the mountain in these matches, but I know it's because Ben pulls back before it goes too far.
Micah shot this panorama with my camera just before we left. I know most of the world thinks of saguaro when they picture AZ, but we do have places like this.
And I'm so glad we get to visit them. For an hour. When it's 35 degrees. And quickly drive back to the cabin to warm up. Then go home to 65 degrees.

I've become such a baby about the cold!

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