Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Seventh Grade Adventures

Micah is growing up. And before boys can grow up, they go through a really silly, crazy, wild stage, usually coinciding with junior high. That's where he is these days.

He does do a few calm things, like go to the temple with his sister.
Or even with his friends. But look at the mischief still behind those eyes!
It took a while to get the boys to be serious enough for a presentable picture.
Micah doesn't have a cell phone (much to his dismay), but he does use mine occasionally to text his friends. 

And to snap random selfies whenever I leave it unattended. 

Portrait with a sucker

Nerf gun Christmas

Pakistani Micah 

Blurry boy face

Usually, it isn't just one shot--it's dozens of the same thing.

Tribute to Warhol
This one cracks me up--he snagged my phone while I was locking the gate at school. See me in the background?

Newest passion

Man pony (or time for a haircut)
If he had a phone of his own, I'd miss out on seeing all of these hilarious selfies. Love this kid.

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