Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Most Incredible Sunset

My goal last year of watching the sun set each night has developed into a permanent mark to the end of my day. The kids even point them out to me, and I'm glad I'm still carrying this little part of 2016 around with me.

After photographing the sky every night for an entire year, I consider myself a bit of a sunset expert. And I think this sunset last week may be one of the most spectacular of my life. We were driving to Sam's Club for Family Home Evening dinner and shopping, so I couldn't get a fantastic picture of it, but Hyrum took over for me.
This is the only one he took from the moving car that wasn't too blurry. The sky was on fire for almost five minutes. The photos don't do the sky justice.

By the time we stopped, this is how it looked.
I wish the photos could record how incredible it truly was the night of January 9, 2017, but I'm posting so I don't forget the night the sky caught fire.

Here's to many more evenings marking the end of the day this way.

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