Sunday, February 24, 2019

Snowpocalypse 2019

The biggest storm to hit Arizona in over fifty years--and what did we do?

We headed north, of course.
Brad tried to go on Thursday, but the roads closed before they could reach Payson. Hyrum and two of his buddies had been pulled out of school that afternoon, fully expecting two days of sledding and playing, but instead they returned home in less than an hour, all three looking dejected at the prospect of returning to school on Friday.

We thought about heading up Friday, but we held out till all the roads were clear on Saturday. 

I have never seen the snow levels this low, and most of the drive from the valley was blanketed in white.
 All the roads were plowed except the last 100 feet to our driveway, so we had to hike through two feet of snow to get to the cabin. It was incredible!

 Look at the view out our bedroom window!
 And this is from inside the garage. Can you see the dirt in the foreground? And Micah's head peeking over?

 Hot chocolate and oreos--great combination we discovered while there.

Our driveway makes an amazing sledding track, but the snow was so deep that Brad had to drag the kids on the sleds to tamp down the snow before they could speed down the hill.
 It was even too deep and too wet for snow angels!

 The girls dragging Brad . . .  not as easy as it looks!
 The pictures can tell the story.

 Look how deep it was!
 And the stream was rushing--

It was about 40 degrees when we got there, and the closer we got to the creek, the wetter the ground got.

Here at the bottom of the driveway, the snow was halfway up my thigh. Brad wanted me to stomp the snow down as much as I could, and I hit running water about two inches deep--which flooded into my boot and made me a little unhappy!

 What a glorious day--the snow, the temperature, and the kids.
Brad and I both vowed that the next time a storm like this is predicted, we're going up before it and getting snowed in.

I love this corner of the woods more than just about anywhere on earth, and I'm so grateful we get to enjoy it so often.

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