Sunday, February 24, 2019

Where's Micah Been? And Other Denton Doings

Micah has been shockingly absent from the blog lately. What's he been doing?

First of all, since he no longer attends a school with a hair dress code, he's been growing out his hair.
 It's so long that he can use my velcro rollers!
 A smolder makes everything look better, right?
 I even attempted a smolder, but I can't pull it off as well as he can.
 I think after tonight, we may have convinced him to at least cut the back a little. He's vowed he won't cut it till June. We'll see if he can hold out that long.

After our little photo shoot Monday morning, I received this text from him just before dinner:
Seriously? A text?

And this is how I brought him home:
Lucky for us, his friend's dad is also our local orthopedic doctor. Chuck threw him in a boot and gave him crutches before we even left for Urgent Care. And lucky for Micah, it wasn't broken. He's been in the boot and on crutches all week, but I think he's mending. We'll know for sure this week. Dang kid! Next time, call your mama!

Brad has been on a cupboard organizing kick lately, and he took on the hardest project in our entire kitchen--the plastics cupboard. When he did the dishes, he made little signs and it has stayed organized for over a month, so he attempted the same procedure with this cupboard, even including a short lecture to the kids on how to correctly put things away. 
 So far, so good.

And best moment of the entire week:

He surprised me with dinner at Cafe Monarch in Scottsdale. What an incredible restaurant! I'm not a big foodie, but I was thoroughly impressed with every course, every waiter, and the ambiance. 

I married a keeper, that's for sure!

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