Sunday, March 31, 2019

Hyrum Turns 12! (and other sundries)

Big stuff around here this week . . . if you're Hyrum. But first, an update on the rest of us.

Eli and I spent a morning together while Karli was at the doctor with Caroline. He was so fun!
 And I taught him to say, "Yepperdoodle!" Love this little guy.

And it's nearing the end of citrus blossom season. In all the years I've lived here, this is the first year I've cut blossoms and brought them in the house. They only last a day, even in water, so I'd cut a new bunch every day.
 In case you're wondering, those are grapefruit blossoms. Grapefruit aren't as valuable around here as the navel oranges, so Brad didn't begrudge me the blossoms off the tree!

Hyrum and Eve had track and field day. I didn't get a picture of Hyrum, but he got 8th in the 50 dash and second in the co-ed relay.

Eve took fourth overall in the 50 dash and second in the girls' relay
 This is a day the kids look forward to all year, and the weather could not have been more perfect--about 76 degrees and sunny.

Micah has decided to exercise his agency and grow his hair out. Here he's rocking ponytail like Deb from Napoleon Dynamite.
 I'm ready for him to cut it all off, but he's determined to grow it out till he's required to cut it before EFY in June.

And here's the birthday boy doing some homework.

Hyrum has been gypped a few years in a row as far as birthday parties go--we've been in the Easter Pageant, which makes it difficult to plan a party. But he lucked out this year, for sure--two parties!
 He and 13 of his buddies got together for a neighborhood scavenger hunt and Mario Kart tournament--plus treats, pizza, and presents.

 I have NEVER heard louder singing than these guys around this table. Seriously felt like the pain from a loud concert. But they had fun. And he used the money from his birthday to buy his first longboard.

That was Saturday. But his birthday was actually Thursday . . .

 It was his first adolescent birthday--clothes and books . . .
 . . . and a loaf of bread, which I thought was hilarious. The kid LOVES toast and begs for me to buy white bread every single day. I thought a loaf of his own would thrill him, but it puzzled him more than anything else.
I can't believe he's twelve.
Last year of elementary school. Last year of "childhood." He's such a good kid, and I'm proud of what a good friend and good example he can be.

 Plus, he shares his cake and candles . . .

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