Monday, April 1, 2019

Wedded Bliss

Brad and I took a quick trip to Utah for my nephew's wedding.
It was a glorious spring day. Look at that sky.
Forest married his perfect match, and I can't wait to watch them create a life together.

It's not often all four of us are together for a picture where one of us isn't pulling a stupid face . . . or blinking . . .  or looking weird in general. 
 We insisted Dad and Mom join us, and I'm so glad we did.
These are the people that have known me from the beginning. They're the ones who tolerated my adolescent outbursts and idiocy. Love them.

 This mom of mine is one of the best people I know--selfless and kind and loving.
 I'm ever grateful she's my mom.
 And here's my dad. The man who has always supported me and fought for me and fought with me and loved me unconditionally.
I'm one of the lucky ones. I came from a home where I was always accepted and loved . . . and I knew it. I can only hope my kids get half of that from our home.

 A few more outtakes
 I was so happy Ben could make it to the wedding with us.
 Brad tried to get this picture . . .
. . . but Ben had his own agenda . . .

 Can you tell I was cold?

 Twenty-four hours later, we were back at the airport.
 Quick trip but fantastic memories.

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