Monday, August 26, 2019

Kindergarten Feels

Annie walks to school each morning alongside Eve and Cleo and me. It is a precious time that reminds me of the moments my own kids were kindergartners--and how overwhelming and exciting and hard kindergarten can be.

On Friday, Annie started crying when she rubbed her eye and got residual hair spray in it. I hugged her and gave her eyedrops and wiped her tears, but nothing stopped the sadness. I offered to walk her all the way to her classroom, and as we stood side by side on the ramp, we watched the other kindergartners in the yard.

There is nothing sweeter than kindergartners two weeks in to school. One group of boys played soccer right in front of us, all freshly clean and coiffed for the day. A few were aggressively kicking the ball, barely missing fingers and faces in their excitement to make a goal. One little guy attempted to include everyone by picking up the ball when he had the chance, running it over to someone who had missed a kick or had been the victim of a steal. I could see his kind heart in those actions. Another little guy became so upset when the ball was stolen from him that he jumped up and down repeatedly, fists balled by his sides, until he burst into tears--no longer capable of holding his frustration inside.

A moment later, one darling little girl slowly made her way towards the classroom, and I could hear her sobs before I seeing her tears. When I asked her what was wrong, she stammered, "My mom  . . . My mom, she forgot . . . She forgot to do this when she dropped me off!" and she flashed the Sun Devil "Fear the Fork" sign. Nothing I could do assuaged her grief, and after flinging her sequin backpack onto the ramp, she wandered to a lonely corner to sob.

Annie took in all the commotion with an air of normal neutrality.

And the bell rang.

As I walked back home, I began to think. Wow, kindergarten is hard. Their emotions are real and intense. And even though they seem like trivial things to adults, these little people need patience and understanding as they learn to navigate the grown-up world. I vowed to get down to that level more often--and bring an understanding heart while I'm there.

I was glad I took the time to reenter the kinder world. It's been a while since it's been part of my life. 

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