Sunday, September 22, 2019

IHOP Adventures

With Brad and Eve gone to the daddy/daughter campout, I had time to hang with my boys. They were both busy Friday night, but we did squeeze in a quick Saturday morning brunch at IHOP.

IHOP needed to recover from our last trip there as a family (years ago, and I can't really remember what happened, but it included losing our order and us sitting there for over an hour after Easter Pageant late one night and we vowed never to return. Vows such as these are meant to be broken, right?), so the three of us decided we would take one for the team.

It did us right this time. Both boys ordered a HUGE stack of cinnamon pancakes.
Micah did the best, with only one bite remaining. Then, of course, Mom dared him to finish the whole thing.
Can you see the agony on his face? But it does accompany the empty plate, so he walked out with bragging rights. Plus, he enjoyed the "world's best apple juice."

Hyrum, on the other hand, after sharing a few bites with me, decided his would make a great gift for Karli that night when they played Dungeons and Dragons.
I hope she was impressed with his sacrifice.

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