Sunday, September 22, 2019

Best Semester Yet

Brad gave me the greatest gift ever (besides the crazy awesome birthday bash last month).

For my last class (before my thesis) at Harvard, Brad and I planned for me to take a class on Satire. . . on campus.

Yes, I know we live in AZ. 
Yes, I know how far it is to Cambridge, MA.

The class meets every Monday night 6-8 pm. 

And I fly out of Phoenix on Sunday afternoon, roll into Boston around midnight.

Get a taxi to an AirBnB. 
Sleep for a few hours.
Then I hit the ground running for the next 24 hours.

Look how beautiful Cambridge is in the summer. 
I'm simultaneously working on my thesis research, so those coincide seredipitously. I research at home in AZ, reserve books at the library, then when I get to Harvard I hole up at a desk (and meet with research librarians) while looking up random stuff.

I take a break for lunch, and the weather has been so spectacular that I've found tables outside. 

Crazy thing--the next day after this picture was taken, a lady was killed right at this corner just as I was leaving Cambridge. Kinda freaky, right?
I love every moment I get to spend in Cambridge. I walk and bike miles through the neighborhoods, soaking in the weather and the season and the people and the food and the place itself. Here's Annenberg Hall as the sun went down on my way home from my class.
And after another quick night's sleep, I'm out the door by 7 am or so, headed back to the train and then the plane to AZ--home before the kids get back from school Tuesday afternoon. FYI--if you want a personal selfie with the John Harvard statue, 7 am is your best time to do it.
I can't express how happy this makes me. I am truly living a dream that I never thought possible. Attending classes on campus while still living in AZ.

I live the best life.

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