Monday, September 23, 2019


I love this last son of mine.

He's pretty independent and easygoing most of the time.

This made me laugh. He needed to look up a word, so instead of asking me for my phone, he hefted the massive dictionary off its stand and found a comfy seat on the couch. Wish I remembered the word . . .
He's been a tinkerer since he was little, and since our fridge has been broken for almost two months (still waiting for a part), Brad taught him how to defrost it. He's already been enlisted to do it twice more while we wait. Once, Dad rewarded him with ice cream . . . lucky guy.
This random post-it note cracked me up. Annie is worth $4 mill or one Brandon Sanderson book. That about sums up Hyrum's reading of late. He's burned through all of our Sanderson books, and he's impatiently waiting for the next one!
And this little gem I found on my phone after he removed Eve's scrunchie.
He's a keeper, and I'm so glad he's mine!

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