Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Boston, Part 1


What a great week we had together in Boston! I know the kids were less than thrilled about some of our adventures, but overall we had a fantastic time.

Eve had the flight simulator last week, and she told me all about the plane as it took off—things I never knew. She was proud and loved sitting by the window for the long flight. As we walked through Logan Airport, Hyrum and Micah snagged a drink at the fountain, both exclaimed, “Boston fountain water tastes like Smart Water!” Boston, you won my boys over from the first drop!

It was 11:30 pm, and although our body clocks were still set to AZ, we were exhausted when we finally got to our AirBnB—and the keys wouldn’t work until we jiggled them multiple times. And we were noisy noisy noisy as we walked up two flights of stairs. And we stomped around getting to bed. And we dropped stuff. 

But when we woke up in the morning, we walked through the neighborhood then fueled on Boston’s favorite food—Dunkin’. Our high count one day was twelve different Dunkin’s. Those Bostonians are crazy about their Dunkin’. The kids kept exclaiming about how different the houses are and the streets and the traffic and the trees. I loved it all.

Our first stop was Harvard’s Natural History Museum, and it did not disappoint. They have the most amazing geology collection, including a moon rock. 

Eve was less than impressed, but the boys didn’t want to move on to the rest of the exhibits—which were equally fabulous. Full-size fossils of giant sloths, dinosaurs, and a prehistoric turtle shell, plus tons of modern animals. If you’ve been to Boston and haven’t hit this museum, it’s a good one.

I walked the kids around Harvard, and they weren’t as starstruck as I am every time I enter a gate. 

They humored me, but all they wanted to do was head to The Coop for some swag. Micah got a visor that he wore every day of the trip, and Hyrum got a sweatshirt with a giant crimson H—“for Harvard or for Hyrum.” They also spent fifteen minutes mesmerized by a street artist painting with spray paint (Hyrum even bought one of his paintings).

Then it was time for the boring part of the trip—my convocation at Memorial Church. 

While the kids were so engrossed in the games on Micah’s phone that they didn’t even notice me walk in with the other degree candidates, at least they were quiet. 

 Granted, it wasn't the most exciting meeting, but look at that church! Isn't it beautiful? Can you see me?

By the end of the hour, they were ready to move on to the next kid activity, so we skipped all the good food at the reception afterward and they had their first experience on the T. 

I love riding the T, and so did they . . . at first. By the end of the week, they were longing for less traffic, fewer missed busses (and misdirection from Mom), and a car to get around in.

 Plus escalators long enough to enjoy a quick ice cream!

Our last stop on the first day was the Boston Duck Tour. We chose this day because it was forecasted to be the sunniest. But by the time we got to our stop (our first attempt was booked up), it was late in the day and the sun was going down.

 We were warm on the streets, but when the boat entered the Charles River, we were COLD AZ babies! 

All three kids got to drive the boat, and by the time we got on the right train, it was almost 7 pm. 

Hungry and a little discombobulated and with one of us desperately needing a bathroom (identity withheld to protect the innocent), I found the closest restaurant and we had a Mediterranean Chipotle rest stop. Not wanting to fight the bus system in the dark, I conceded to Uber, and we were back in time to watch most of the Women’s Session of General Conference after Hyrum and I took a quick walk to Whole Foods for some supplies. (He now hates Whole Foods, only because they have no regular candy. Poor guy.) We were all ready to crash by 10:30. Whew! It was a crazy first day!

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