Thursday, October 17, 2019

Boston, Part 2

Sunday was General Conference, and we stayed home and watched. It’s weird because with the time difference, it doesn’t start till noon. In AZ, we’re accustomed to finishing the last session by 3, not waiting till 6 pm for the closing remarks. Micah commented that “Conference is an all-day thing here on the East Coast.”

Lucky for us, there was a park 300 feet from our apartment, and we took advantage of it almost every day. I forget that traveling with younger people requires down time and play time and food time and snack time and not walking 14,000 a day time.
 Sometimes little sisters just need big brothers, right?

But I figured it out. I did miss my regular traveling buddy who runs from thing to thing with me every day. Brad had a trial back at home and couldn’t make it.

Monday was our biggest day. So much crammed in, but the kids didn’t want to leave too early, so I had to amend my plans. BTW, I recommend the Boston City Go Pass to see the sights. It was really convenient and easy to use. And we didn’t have to wait in lines for admission.

We started out at the Old State House, where they kindly conceded to learn a little history—but only because it focused on the Boston Massacre, which is cool, right? Luckily, Hyrum and Eve just finished their units on the Revolution, so they had a little context and background for what we saw.

Then it was time for the New England Aquarium. Micah’s spirit animal is a turtle, and the aquarium has a giant 540-pound 95-year-old giant named Myrtle that he couldn’t get enough of.

Halfway through we took a break to have lunch at Legal Sea Food.

Micah had his first taste of lobster roll (which I think he barely enjoyed because he ate it so quickly), Hyrum had his favorite food of all time (clam chowder), and Eve cautiously ordered . . . a cheeseburger. Oh well.

Can lead a horse to water but can’t force feed him fish. The aquarium is really amazing, and we went behind the scenes to see how they take care of the seals and sea lions.

I had class that night, so I took them back to the apartment and rented a bike for the 1.4 mile-ride to Harvard.
Non-partisan war protest in Cambridge.

Books on hold is still exciting for me—they’re gonna be perfect for my thesis.

And what did Eve do that night?
She caught a cleaning bug and straightened the entire apartment, including the dishes! She was my favorite that night for sure!

Class—learned more than I ever imagined about Candide. Want to know more? You’re welcome to ask me, but I’m sure no one will ever care.

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