Thursday, January 30, 2020

Eve, Not a Baby Any More

I like to picture my Evie as a baby with blond fuzzy head and long dark lashes. My baby.
She isn't a baby any more. She's growing up into an incredible tween.
She loves organization (like her mama) and created her own "planner station" (also like her mama).
She practices the piano and often transposes entire pieces into new keys. She even changed her Christmas song, "Angels We Have Heard on High," into a minor key.
She LOVES school and her teacher. She stresses about good grades and doing her best, qualities I love but have to temper with "It doesn't have to be perfect" pep talks.
She and her best friend, Claire, created "Claire and Eve's," a pretend restaurant where they answer reservation phone calls, drew up menus, and serve customers (sometimes pretend, sometimes real) food. I love that they still do this.

She's working on a roundoff, back handspring, back tuck and tumbling, and she's recently discovered the joy of basketball.
She may not be very tall (here she is next to the tallest girl on the team who is actually almost two years older than she is), but she is feisty.
And intense. That girl can play D at the top of the key.
In her first game, she stole the ball and went down court for a layup. It was fun to watch!

She's at the cusp of teenagerdom, having "The Talk" at school and learning to wash her face daily to avoid too many pimples. I can't wait to see where her interests take her and where she decides to focus all of her energy.

But she will always remain my bald baby with the huge green eyes and show-stopping eyelashes.

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