Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Hyrum, the Boy/Teen

Hyrum. My baby boy. He's growing up and almost a teenager now.

He's invested in his Rubik's cube, spending hours watching Youtube videos and talking to friends about solutions.
He's almost there.

He and his buddy Landon worked together on their science fair project, and they did a great job. I was pretty proud of them, because this was a student-led, student-completed project. I only gave them a few suggestions and cut out a few pictures. They did the rest.

Can you spot the mistake??
Luckily we caught it before he turned it in! It's hard when you're gluing letters on upside down and said letters look like different letters from that perspective!

He's also playing his first year of rugby.
I'm still fuzzy on all the rules, but it's fun to watch. He plays wing, and even though their team is experiencing what is kindly called "a building year," he's learning a lot about the game and scoring a few tries every game or so.
When I take the time to really look at him, I am amazed at how he's lengthening up, thinning out, and getting broader.
My last baby boy. When did he get so big? I miss the bald baby he used to be.

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