Friday, March 6, 2020

What's Micah Up To?

Micah has been eerily absent from the blog lately.

That's because he's gone most of the time.

When he is home, he squeezes in piano practice.
I wish you could hear through pictures, but he's really becoming an incredible pianist

Remember teeny Micah at the piano?

Remember the first time he played because he was "in the mood"? He was eight years old then.
Tangent alert: (I look back on what my blog used to be and my writing and ideas, and I'm shocked how much effort I put into my writing and photography.  I needed to hear my own voice from the past respecting the work of mothers in this post.

I can't believe I wrote that--I have no recollection of it. Once my thesis is done, perhaps . . . )

Now his incredible talent touches hearts wherever he plays. His current piano teacher has been a gift for him--she pulls unbelievable music out of his soul, and he often brings me to tears with what he creates.

Big things on the horizon for him--like learning to drive and stuff.
He is an extremely careful driver, not really loving it, per se, but looking forward to his freedom.
And driving through the Taco Bell drive-thru alone.

But who will pay for his Frito burrito and 2 packs of cinnabon delights if Mom's not there?

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