Tuesday, April 7, 2020

And the Walls Came A Tumblin' Down

During every General Conference weekend as long as I can remember my kids have built cup towers. They began with the tiny single-swallow cups from preschool then progressed to the 10-oz. size. It keeps them occupied, quiet, and listening through ten hours of talks and music, so I accommodate them by keeping them stocked in supplies.

Eve created this one, and when the tower grew beyond her reach, she enlisted Hyrum's help. 

Then it fell, as cup towers are wont to do.
 And they began again, with the clear cups this time.  It took them about twenty minutes to rebuild it, and then it reached heights that only Micah's monkey arms could reach.
 Don't mind Hyrum standing on the counter . . .
 They did it! They built a tower that touched the ceiling. Hyrum had to create a special cup to squeeze into the last few inches. Pretty cool, right?

Well, Mom decided that she needed this to be a teaching moment. She should have known better than to try and teach math, right? She asked them to figure out how many cups were in the tower. There's a formula to use, and after Dad taught them the formula, Micah calculated that there were 406 cups in the tower. Hyrum did it a little longer way, and he also came up with 406 cups.

Mom elected to count the cups and see if indeed there were 406 cups in the tower.

And Dad happened to capture that devastating moment when . . .
 . . . either my skirt or my notebook caught one of the lower levels . . .
. . . and the entire thing crashed to the ground.

 I've never felt so bad.
Guess it was a good thing that Mom knocked it down and not one of the kids, right? They were pretty forgiving of their klutzy mom . . . but no one built another tower for the rest of conference.

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