Friday, April 10, 2020

General Conference During Quarantine

I don't know if I've ever anticipated General Conference like I did this time. I didn't demand the kids take notes, but instead we just sat and listened as they did silent activities alongside my note taking. I will admit that my notes were less feverish this time and more inspired.
 We have a few GroupMe threads in our ward, one of which addresses food issues during the quarantine. When I voiced concern (complained) that I had three birthdays and cinnamon rolls this month and needed powdered sugar, this bag appeared overnight on my doorstep. We live in a good world.

And here we are today--April 10th--fasting along with many in the world as directed by a prophet. Fasting that the effects of the pandemic will be weakened. That economies will rebound. That caregivers will be safe. And that our lives can normalize.

I know President Nelson is a prophet. I wonder what the effects of this worldwide fast will be, as the coronavirus pandemic creeps closer and closer to home. I know prayer is powerful, and I hope this joint effort yields an incredible blessing on our world, now and in the next few months, because I anticipate reentry will not be easy.

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