Friday, April 10, 2020

Sewing Lesson in Quarantine

I've always felt like I needed to teach my kids how to sew like my mom taught me. But . . . I never really did. Mom has taught a few my kids to use a machine, but I only remember one sewing project one time I completed with one of my kids . . . until coronavirus.

On Wednesday, I taught my kids to sew.

How to sew masks.
 They were crudely cut, not very carefully sewn, and unappreciated for the skills taught.
 Well, unappreciated by one, who will remain nameless.
And we wore those inexpertly created masks to the store yesterday. 

I was surprised (since I haven't been out in a week) that so few people were actually wearing masks--about 25%, I'd guess.

I don't know how I feel about masks, to be truthful. Wear them to protect yourself, and you're stupid. Wear them to protect others from your germs, and you're community-conscious. I don't know exactly why we wore them or what I think about them. I do know that we are encouraged to limit the number of people who go to the store, but I find it important to occasionally show my kids what is happening around them. How the stores went from crazy zombie apocalypse to returning more to normal this week. They've been to the stores with me a total of twice, and that has been good for them to get out (for us ALL to get out). And I'm glad they learned a new life skill . . .

I can't explain how I feel about all this. Weird is the only word that keeps coming from my lips and that is woefully inadequate to describe what is going on.

And on and on and on.

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