Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Good Friends and American Idol

First, a huge shout-out to Emily. She showed up this morning with her three kids (four and under) and took my two little boys for the morning. There are few people in this world that handle little kids the way she does. She just announced that she's expecting again, two weeks after me. We discussed who was more crazy--me having seven kids in 19 years or her having seven kids in nine years. Both reflect their own kind of crazy. Thanks Emily!

American Idol last night (actually this morning).
My analysis:

I'm coming to like Allison Iraheta more and more. I agreed with Simon that I've never heard a girl sing it like that. For some reason, the rock star in her doesn't come across fake like it did kind of in Amanda last season. Like her a lot.

Anoop--love the song and Bryan Adams, but it was a little boring. Don't know what he can do to make himself more dynamic. His time is limited.

Adam--WOWWWWWW! What was that? A return to 70s Rock. It was AWESOME!! Why can some people pull that kind of thing off and others look like they're just pretending? His vocal ability at the top of his range rivals Freddy Mercury. And even the emo makeup, etc., worked last night. So great!

Matt, Matt, Matt. I'm losing hope for you. I'm not great when it comes to pitch and everything, but it was pitchy and kinda lame. But I just like him. Like Anoop, not long for the small screen.

I really appreciated the emotion and feeling behind Danny's performance. I thought Simon was a little harsh about the harp. I knew he was trying to show the connection of his earthly love with his wife, and "Endless Love" as the song choice and the way he finished the song, really make my heart strings sing. Not his best, but I love the person he seems to be. Hope he's really like that.

Kris Allen. Hm. I didn't know the song or the movie, but I thought it was pretty cool. Think he was trying to be a little Adam Lambert with the sensy-feeler performance. But I like him!

And "The Rose." What? I thought she was trying to be herself. But I just don't think she's up to all the pressure of being an artist. She can sing, just can't be original. It was ok, but I did appreciate her expressing how she changed the song to fit her personality. Buh-bye.

Who chose Quentin Tarantino? That was one of the weirdest choices for a music mentor ever. A living legend, blah, blah, blah. But to help with their music? The only thing I thought was helpful was his hint to Danny about emoting with his eyes instead of his hands. But then I found myself watching and wondering about his hands all through his song.

And limiting each judge to every other performance? Ah, how I missed Simon's comments after each song. And they STILL didn't come in on time. Couldn't they convince FOX that they need an extra 30 minutes for another few weeks?
What did you think?

Epiphany #66--Last night's show proved that Simon's opinion really does make American Idol.

Bookending this post with more friends--this time, college roommates. I was very curious to hear Paige and Melinda rave about the book I hated. If I were the only one I knew that hated it, I would really begin to question my judgment. But since I know I'm not alone, I wonder. Could you two elaborate about why you liked (no loved) that book? I'll be as open-minded as I can (which isn't too open, as you know!).


  1. You couldn't have called AI better as far as I'm concerned. I could have written this one myself, clear down to Quentin Tarantino and his comment to Danny about the hands.


  2. I'm totally cyber stalking, but I think you can handle it. Shouldn't the fact that we played Bunco together like bond us for life? Love your thoughts on American Idol!

  3. Three Cheers for Emily! She is amazing. I anxiously wait to hear what your friends liked about that book, as I'm right there with you wondering how this book became a bestseller.

  4. Wow - I'm feeling a lot of pressure to defend the book!

    I liked "Peace Like a River" in the same way that I like Gabriel Garcia Marquez (not that I'm necessarily equating the two) -- there's a sense of magical realism and the idea that the world is full of signs and wonders. I enjoy an author who takes his (her) time and spins a tale that is firmly rooted in place.

    As a reader, I'm not so much about the plot as I am about the characters and scene-setting. I've noticed this is where I differ from many of my friends who really enjoy a plot-driven narrative.

    I also thought the voice of the narrator (Reuben) was very strong, and the western imagery and boyish narrator seemed archetypal, much in the vein of Huck Finn (again, not necessarily equating the two). Interestingly, I thought Leif Enger's second book (So Young, Brave and Handsome) was even more "WESTERN" in that same way, although I didn't think it was as strong a work.

    So, my two cents worth. I didn't take the book the same way you did, but I'm willing to concede the reading fiction is highly personal and what appeals to one reader often does not appeal to another. That doesn't make me "right", just not you!

  5. I fully agree with all your assessments on AI, EXCEPT one...they don't need 30 more minutes, tey just need to shut the heck up. Stop doing such long, stupid, cheesy montages. Seriously, just be done already. Make Ryan stop mugging for the camera. Just show us the contestant, let them sing their song, let the judges talk. That's all we want and all we need. Since Simon is the ONLY judge I enjoy hearing from, it was especially irksome to not get to hear him each time.