Thursday, April 16, 2009

For He's a Jolly Good Fellow!

Today's one of those weird days that only an invalid can understand. I woke with the beginnings of a migraine (last time I had one of those was in 2004), so I tried to sleep part of the day. I ended up sleeping MOST of the day--past 1:30. Only an invalid can do that. And now I feel like it's all been wasted.

Today is my man's 42nd birthday. And I just need to brag on him for a minute.

How many men do you know that would get all the kids ready for school every morning, while Mom stays in bed?

How many men do you know that are never babies when they're sick?

How many men do you know that throw together dinner every night, after a full day of work?

How many men do you know that grow beautiful flowers and vegetables?

How many men do you know that bathe three preschoolers and get their pjs on them, every night?

How many men do you know that drive carpool and to piano lessons?

How many men do you know that can direct five kids to clean an entire house in 20 minutes flat?

How many men do you know that can correctly empty the dishwasher, without asking where things go?

How many men do you know that notice when laundry needs to be done, and then do it?

How many men do you know that just really never complain about anything?

How many men do you know that are better looking and in better shape in their forties than their thirties?

How many men do you know that selflessly give to their home teaching families more than once a month?

How many men do you know that willingly step up to help family members in need, no matter what that need is?

How many men do you know that all they really want for their birthdays they already have, because what they really want are their family, the gospel, and a garden?

I could go on and on. He's the best, and he has stepped up, for the third bedridden pregnancy, with grace and a good attitude.

I love him so much, and I don't know how I ever lucked out getting someone like him to walk through life and eternity with. He's the best, and I can't do much this birthday, but next year . . .

Epiphany #66--Selfless and loving spouses make bedridden days bearable.


  1. Happy Birthday to Brad! Don't tell him I said so, but he's a pretty good guy. I kinda think you go well together, and are a really fun couple. But like I said, don't tell him-his head is pretty big already!

    I enjoy your A.I. commentary even though I only see bits and pieces of the show, now I am waiting for the bed ridden's commentary on Amazing Race and Survivor!

  2. Happy Birthday to your very own Jolly Good Fellow! It's good to know you're in such good hands...ok, maybe not literally, but that's what got you in your current state in the first place.
    (did I really just write that? yep, I did. I normally don't go there. Oh well, there's a first time for everything right?)

  3. It looks like you've got yourself a good one, there.

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday BRAD!!! What a great post Jenny. It's such a beautiful tribute to him. And seriously, you do have yourself QUITE a catch. I'm so glad for you that you have such a great guy so you CAN get through these difficult pregnancies.

  5. Wow. Apparently I'm the bomb. Who knew?

  6. There is no exaggeration on Jenny's part in any of this information. Brad is a great guy and we are very lucky to have him in our family. (She left out that he will even play games to entertain his mother-in-law.)

  7. I'm a little late, but happy birthday to your hubby! Sounds like you've got yourself a keeper. Reaching to his Home Teaching families more than once a is all I can say.

    My prayers are with you and your little bean.