Friday, April 17, 2009

Banished--for Good

First, let me brag up my wonderful friends. I really do have the best. Janette took Micah to the zoo with his preschool class. I would consider this the first thing I've missed that I really couldn't do (well, the first I can discuss online!). I'm so glad Micah could go with them. He had a great time. Thanks, Janette.
And Lori. Lori has run miles and miles with me on the canals of AZ and the rural roads of St. George, Utah. But she is my loyal friend when I get put down in bed. Rarely does a day go by when I'm down that she doesn't call or come by. Yesterday she sent me an email offering help with house duties for the next few weeks. I love her visits. She's patient with my little boys and their crazy wrestling and punching (years of experience teaching kindergarten!). She always has great opinions and insights. Today was slightly embarrassing, because my house was a wreck, and she gamely dug in and did dishes, helped pick up the messy family room, and cleaned up after lunch. She even did a grocery run so Ben can go on the campout tonight. I was humiliated that she saw the state of some cupboards and my kitchen floor. This is probably the hardest part of being in bed. You know things are out of control, yet there's nothing you can do to prevent others from seeing it. Guess what, world? I'm not perfect! And if you don't believe me, call Jamie and ask her how good I am at scripture study! Another humbling experience today.
But I couldn't make it through without their help. As stubborn and proud as I am, it's good to have to acknowledge and receive help. Maybe the third time's the charm and I won't have to be incapacitated like this again . . .

Hm. On to the real news.

Life has changed a little bit over the past day. Brad and I went out to dinner with his sister and her husband last night for his birthday. I had stayed in bed faithfully all day (remember yesterday's post about 1:30 pm?) to enjoy this treat.
Well, when I got home and got ready for bed, I realized that I was bleeding. It took me a little by surprise, frankly. I'd been doing so well. But reality can't be avoided forever. So now I really am banished. And it sucks! Plus, I'm gaining weight way too fast, especially for this early on. It's hitting me today how much I'm going to HATE THIS!
Brad had to take the kids to the office at 5:30 this morning to clean, since I'd forgotten, and I couldn't help. I couldn't go get clothes for the little boys to get dressed. It's harder in this house because all of life takes place downstairs while I languish upstairs.
Epiphany #67--Let all the complaining out. Now back to eternal perspective . .. .
At least until next time I start feeling sorry for myself


  1. Look on the bright side - when you are done I am sure your hip will be healed to its former glory!

    Thinking of you!

  2. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I'm sorry you are having to deal with so much!

    I think you have an amazingly positive outlook, especially given all that's happening!

    Keep on keepin' on friend!

  3. I will keep you in my prayers and just wish I could do something to help.

    it does sound like you have wonderful friends around you, and that is a major blessing. So hang in there, dirty house and all. Who cares? You're hatching a baby!


  4. Really? Banished to the bed forever? Awww, I AM sorry to hear that. However, it's ok in the sense that apparently you have the greatest friends ever (and I haven't even got to help yet) AND noone cares AT ALL what your house looks like, only that you and the baby are well. What does rapid weight gain mean? And I agree with Karen, maybe your hip will finally get allllll better. Hang in there friend!

  5. I bet Karen is right, and when you're done with bedrest your hip will be ready to train for the next marathon-watch out St. George in 2010! And honestly, no one expects the house to be tidy, that's why they pop in to help. As for the humbling conversation-just know that every sister I talked to-and I mean EVERY ONE of them-felt the same way you did. So, how's Harry Potter coming?

  6. I'm so sorry. I've never experienced much bedrest, except when I got a spinal headache after one of my children was born. I remember laying there flat on the bed with tears streaming down my face. I was in pain, I couldn't even sit up in bed, let alone get up and do any work, I couldn't take care of my family, all I could do was nurse the baby when they brought her to me. It was awful.

    But you will get through this. It will be hard, and you will cry. But it will be worth it.