Friday, October 1, 2010

Foto Friday--And Your Wish Shall Be Granted

We all have favorite lines from this movie, right?

What about "As you wish"--every time Buttercup asks anything of Westley, this is his response. And, as Grandpa reads from the book--as you wish means I love you.

Thursday afternoon, just as I was getting the two little ones down for naps, Brad came home and told me, "It's your day off. See ya. (and the best part--) You deserve it."

Remember my post from Monday? Sometimes dreams do come true.

And how did I spend my hours all alone?
It began with two fill-ups: gas tank and my Diet Pepsi cup.
Then I moseyed over to the Mesa Auction preview, just to see what gems they had on the block this week. 
Nothing too great.  So where did my little heart want to head next?  Oh, YES!

HomeGoods.  Sigh.  I LOVE this store.  I saw lamps, a rug, a table, a chair. And all I walked out with was a little treasure to send to the winner of Super Fit and Fab (since I sucked wind this last week).
Then where?
Why, Old Navy, of course--where I found this fantastic shirt on the clearance rack.  With 50% off the lowest ticketed price, it set me back a whopping $3.99!  Then off to Kohl's for a little looksee--lucky for me they had leggings, since I'd just ripped a hole in mine.  And for $9.99, I didn't even mind.

I rounded the corner to . . .
. . . where I tried on four darling dresses that looked hideous on me and picked up a little surprise for a friend, then made a beeline for  . . .
Barnes and Noble.  The bookstore?  By myself?  Heaven?  Almost! I picked up an eight-dollar copy of Wuthering Heights, tucked it in my purse, and wandered over to . . .
. . . my favorite restaurant--for a Luau salad and side order of fries. (Yes, I was by myself.  And no, I did not have any cheesecake.) While waiting for my food, I sent a few texts home, just to check on things. This is the text I received in return (and I quote): "I'm on it, woman! Just do your thing and we'll see you soon!"
I sat there as long as I dared, buried in Cathy and Heathcliff and their angst.  When the daggers from the waitress were just too painful to endure any longer, I took my book and myself out to the couch in the mall . . .
. . . laughing out loud at Mr. Lockwood's humorous recounting of the Heathcliff household's interactions.  Do most people laugh at Wuthering Heights?  Could it just have been my sudden liberation from responsibility and the ensuing giddiness it created?  I sat on the couch until the janitorial staff came through with a cart and vacuum, looked pointedly in my direction, then stood just inside my periphery, trying to make me uncomfortable enough to leave.  It didn't work.
But I did have to make it to book club, so I left.  But not because of anything they did or said.  I just had to leave.  So there.
I spent the last two hours of my freedom surrounded by friends, food, and laughter . . .
I snuck in around eleven, gloriously happy and ready to face a lifetime another day of mothering.

Ladies, he's all mine.  I'm so lucky.

What's that you say, my Love?  You want to spend next weekend eating BBQ potato chips and ice cream sandwiches while lounging on the couch watching football?

As you wish.
Ben update: His foot's a little purple, but he's fine. Says he's gonna try practice today. We'll see. But I'm happy he's not hurting.


  1. What a man! Sounds like you enjoyed every minute of your time...good for YOU! And, I...enjoyed every minute of this post! Awesome!

  2. i think i'm forwarding a link to this post to mr LKP!!!! lol.
    j/k, maybe not. i don't know. kinda torn. don't want to be TOO obvious.
    perhaps i just need to make sure princess bride is on EVERY time he walks in the room! ha! maybe that'll do the trick. =)
    i love your mini-vacay your hubby granted you. so sweet.
    have a wonderful conference weekend, my dear friend!

  3. Perfect. Perfect.
    From my perspective you used the day in the best way possible.

  4. Goodness Jen what a day!!
    I think you headed to absolutely every single place I would have gone!!! So glad you got this little slice of heaven right in the middle of an ordinary day!
    Enjoy the weekend

  5. Wow. You deserve it! You dangled some of my favorites in front of me (B&N? Cheesecake Factory??) - and I don't have those here, so I might have cried into my cornflakes a little. But very happy for you. What a great day!

  6. I love this post, Jen. Not just the content but the writing. And the ending.

    "As you wish."



  7. Sweet post. Thanks for the smile.

  8. i'm glad you got some me time. your husband's a swell guy.

  9. Well, you had me hooked at the very beginning with a picture and a quote from my all-time favorite movie! And, your man is a genuine Westley! What a hero.
    Your day sounded amazing. Can you hear the tinge of envy in my words?

  10. You are a lucky lady, Jen, and I'm only light green with envy. Glad you had a day.

  11. You ARE lucky! He's a great catch that Brad. And I am SO HAPPY for YOU that you got to have that glorious day of freedom. How wonderful it obviously was!

    Clearly you needed it, and hopefully you're all recharged for the next 10 years. hahaha

    GREAT post. Cute shirt. And I HEART Home Goods so, SO much as well! I would spend every day wandering those aisles if i could.

  12. I am thankful you have a husband who understands how hard it is to be a Mom and how reenergized we can become from just a little alone time. Good job, Brad! Lucky Jen!

  13. I love this post! I laughed out loud (lol? Is that what i'm supposed to do?) when i saw your drink. I'm sitting here reading your post with my daily 32oz diet pepsi from Chevron in the same cup:) What a glorious day you had. I would have gone the exact same places.

  14. So, be careful what you wish for AND wish for the stars! Right? The movie, that auction, and clearance racks are all some of my favorites. I am glad you had a great day.

  15. I walked down the aisle to the theme song from the Princess Bride. . . . and get my 'as you wish' days are the time!!

    Isn't it a fabulous thing?!

    Glad you had such a great day off.

  16. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful day!

  17. That's so sweet of Brad to give you a whole day to yourself :) What a great day you had!

  18. You are a lucky lady indeed. What a guy! I have one of those myself, and I consider myself very lucky as well. I enjoyed meeting you last week - it was loud and confusing and I didn't get to talk about about everything I would have liked to, but maybe another time. You are lovely and lots of fun and much nicer than I'd even hoped. And Hyrum and Evie - don't even get me started on their cuteness. I'll send you the pictures we took. Again - thanks for taking the time!

  19. Yay! What a day! Diet Pepsi...Home Goods...Old Navy...and it just kept getting better! Hooray for your husband!
    Love how it all worked out for you!

  20. What a great post. I think I may need to let hubs read it? Love the Old Navy shirt... what a steal! I was enjoying your day with you every step of the way.

  21. oh I wish I could have spent those few hours with KNOW how much I love me some Anthropologie and the bookstore. I wish you were coming to NH..I think there is still room :)

  22. Oh my goodness that sounds like heaven! Except I'm not really the shopping type. I probably would have taken my book to the park or something and not moved the entire time! How often do we as mothers get to just sit.... Sounds like a dream! I'm so glad you got that time just for you, and I agree you definitely deserved it!

  23. Wow!! Sounds like a perfect day!!! The only thing I would change is the fill up, but that's only because I drink Diet Dr Pepper. :)

  24. Ha, yeah, I don't think people usually laugh at Wuthering Heights, but now that you mention it, there is quite a lot laughable about it! Glad you had an awesome day!

  25. I just have to add my favorite line from that movie: "You keep on using that word"....."I do not think it means what you think it means."
    That is one of our favorite movies.