Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

We did it.  Christmas 2010.

Can you guess which wrapping paper is whose?  The kids almost got it, with a few hints.  Let me give you the rundown, top to bottom:

Evie, Ben, Lily, Heidi, Hyrum, Sam, Brad, Micah, Tucker

And here they all are, just before "Elf" and bed:

And I was there, too.  See? 
Christmas was so fun, surrounded by those I love most:

Lily got her dream bike and Evie learned to drive.  Hyrum and Micah didn't even mind sharing (for a few minutes, anyway).
 Played lots of games.  Our favorites?  Yikerz (a magnet strategy game) and Wackee Six.  Mind Flex?  A lot overrated, but still fun.
 Ben got the watch of his dreams but not the cell phone.  Tucker got a cell phone but didn't want it.  It was weird.
 And Evie got babies and babies and babies.  My favorite gift of the day?  Sam had the profile picture of their ultrasound screened onto the belly of a t-shirt for Heidi. It was hilarious.
Me?  A new nightgown, a few books and a few more scarves.  What I wanted most I got:  All my family together for the whole day.  With little fighting and lots of happiness.

Today, all the cheer has turned to clutter, my attitude is in the toilet, my weight is reflecting a few weeks of abandon, and I'm ready for a little normalcy.

Does it make me a grinch to want everything put away on December 27th?



  1. We already put all our stuff away. To me, once it's over, it's over. So NO you are not a grinch. Just movin' on.

  2. Evie looks pretty excited about her brothers' car! What a wonderful Christmas to have your entire family together!

    We took down our tree died!

  3. Not a bit. I always feel the same way. Ready to get rid of all the clutter, never eat again, and return to whatever passes for normal around here.

    The family is leaving today, and then we will shovel the joint out!


    PS. It was sure fun.

  4. i packed everything but the tree last night. i'm always ready for the clutter of christmas to be gone the day after. i guess that makes me THE grinch. trying to leave the tree for new year's, but we'll see if the kids can leave it alone for that long.

  5. Nope, not a Grinch at all. I want it all gone too, though Jere has FORBADE me from putting even ONE thing away until Jan. 1st. BOO!

    That's a pretty swanky car the boys got there. Clearly we need to come over and play at your house.

  6. Nice wheels Evie! And Lily too! Will begged me for Mind Flex and I forgot I glad I did?? Merry Christmas Jenny and family...enjoy some down time. xoxo

  7. Oh I'm so happy to hear someone who feels the same way I do. I was feeling pretty grinchy, but maybe it's the norm. I choose to believe it is.

  8. you look like you belong in a colder climate. so cute

    and I am with you. I think I will be putting away Christmas all week long.

  9. Ohhh, I'm that way too!! Just want to clean it all up. When it's over, it's over. I'd be a grinch with so many to clean after. LOVE that red ribbon!!!

  10. I love little little kids. They are happy with whatever, making the whole gift giving easy!

  11. I think not, unless I am to be a grinch right there with you- I was ready to put it all away on the 26, but as it was Sunday, I refrained.

  12. I took everything down today! As much as I love to put it up, I think I love to take it down more.

  13. To answer your last question, no! Christmas is so fun but after Christmas, I am more than ready to take everything down and claim my house back to its original state. My house is small so my tree is always in my way. :)
    Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

  14. awwww looks like a great morning!!!

    i esp liked the 'got a cell phone but didn't want it' haha

    lily and evie got the same doll!!! haha...(that sucker was heavy too)

    lovin little princess driving the car...i guess a pink one should be in her future!

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  16. Looks like a wonderful Christmas! No, you are not a grinch. Mine would have been put up on the 26th, except we were out of town! :)

  17. Well, that looks like a lot of fun under the tree - Evie's smile says it all!

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  19. nope, you're not a grinch. and if that's others' definitions of a grinch than i'm right there with ya! :)
    Christmas was boxed up in totes & stored away for 11 more months in our pump house yesterday. all the wrapping paper & trash is gone, floor's swept, gifts are put away, and all returns/exchanges at the store were taken care of last night. feels good to have all that done so i can breathe again, and enjoy my family rather than dread the work of undoing it all. we keep it swift and to the point, so i'm not the only one stuck with the job when mini-me goes back to school & mr lkp's at work! turns out pretty fab for us. and i LOVE reclaiming my living room!!!!! but that's just me. your kids' po-jammies are off the chain, btw. and i LOVED hearing about heidi's ultrasound gift. that's a rad idea! :)

  20. Glad you had such a Merry Christmas!
    It is always such a content feeling to have all the chicks in the barnyard!!

  21. Nope! Not grinchy at all. I usually want it all taken down and put away on the 26th. It's not that I want the spirit of Christmas and the fun to go away, I'm just a neat freak and having it all put away (at least before New Years) gives me a clear mind and attitude for the coming year.
    I think I have to ready my body and tell it to get ready for the shock of something other than ham, butter, whip cream and chocolate.
    Well, okay not the chocolate...we all need balance right?
    Evie is a doll herself...what a precious little girl.

  22. Not a grinch at all - at least you put it up. :D

    After escaping with the family for Christmas...and ending up snowbound by an unprecedented 10 inches of snow for Christmas in the Georgia mountains...we were ready to call the holidays officially over as soon as we finally got home. Everything has been packed with care and put back in the shed today...and my world is at peace.

    Now - on with new business, old projects, forgotten plans, and never ending laundry. :D

  23. I would love to see a pix of the ultrasound shirt! Too cute.

    I have a grinchy attitude about the weight thing. I've been BAD.

    Not ready to put the tree up though.

  24. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    P. Stinkin' S. How do you look THAT young with all those kids!?

  25. Looks like fun. I'm with you on the clear-up. And the extra pounds. I was a very bad Paige.