Friday, September 16, 2011

Foto Friday--A Shout-Out

Got a little surprise in the mail yesterday:
Lily and I love you and we love the Cougars!
Thanks, Susan R!

Have a football weekend!  It's September!


  1. Now how did I know you would be the last to wear that shirt? She looks cute in the shirt though.
    Call me fickle...I'm rootin' BYU this weekend. Yes, I realize that makes me a crazy, ridiculous traitor. I still like The Rebels, but BYU is my first choice when they aren't playing Ole Miss.

  2. Surprises in the mail are so much fun, aren't they?

  3. That Susan is so NICE isn't she?! I got a little something in the mail from her once too!

  4. Well, we're Utes fans, but barring that...We'll root for the Y.


  5. Go Cougars!!!!!
    It's great to get Happy Mail!

  6. In the middle of THE game right now...having trouble breathing but luckily we are now up 10-7...gonna be another close one! I heart BYU too...