Sunday, December 28, 2014

Saturday #52--Best Gift of All

What an amazing, crazy, fun-filled week it's been. My blog has been neglected in favor of baking, cooking, cleaning, wrapping, unwrapping, playing, worshiping, hiking, zoo-ing, driving, snuggling, cabin-ing, eating, biking, reading, bathing, watching, and enjoying every second with my family. My home has been bursting every day with the laughter and noise that accompany such celebrations. I've been so grateful for every second I've had with all of them.

Best moment of the entire vacation?
All of us crowded into my bedroom for 42 minutes as we Skyped this guy in Peru:
He was so happy, so exuberant, and still so funny. They were the fastest minutes ever.

So, here it is. 52 weeks of my completed "love myself" project. It morphed as the year progressed, and I don't know if I met my goal of loving myself any more this year than I have before, but at least my face was more present here at the Sanatorium.

Stay tuned for next year's goal.