Thursday, December 4, 2014

Review Extravaganza 2014, Part 1

I can't believe that this is the FIFTH time I've participated in Emmy Mom's Year in Review Extravaganza ! (I even checked back in my archives and counted on my fingers twice to make sure this really is the fifth time.) The primary reason I love to participate in this review is that it gives me the chance to reread my blog and remember all that happened this year.

Here we go!

I recorded two goals for this year: I would focus on the word refine for the year, and I began a love myself project where I dedicated every Saturday to posting pictures of myself (since I had progressively become more and more absent from photos). Here is the first one:

I had a quick flash of what's really important in my life.

My little boys played a prank on our neighbors, and Ben totalled his truck.
I took down all of the tchotchkes, decorations, and even curtains in my house, just to see how it would feel. I left it that way until October.

We took our family to the Gilbert temple open house.
Oh, yeah. Micah picked up a camera for the first time. He has a good eye.

Lily had a mishap with an exploding bag of flour and one of my new kitchen knives and Ben began his final rugby season.
The overarching theme of my year--working on my master's degree and how it overtook most of my thinking.

A dear friend was in a life-threatening car accident. Today, you'd hardly know she'd almost lost her life nine months ago.

The Waterlogue app and I became good friends on Brad's and my trip to Seattle.
February marked the end of two months struggling with this whole refine thing, and I still hadn't found my groove yet.

I wrote about living and not dying after visiting Brad's aunt and grandma (both of whom passed away soon after our visit).
I wrote a letter to my little boys, made a traditional surprise plate for my little girl, and took them all to the Science Center.

Hyrum had his first taste of the stage--starring role as Toto. He took it very seriously.

And I'll never forget Eve's first cavity experience.
Or her getting chicken pox while I was gone.

Where was I? I was on a once-in-a-lifetime trip with my mom, visiting her childhood home for a few days.

That trip to St. George was one of my favorite memories of the year--of my whole life. I'm so glad we did it.
It's weird to think that's what life was like around here just this year. So much had changed, and so quickly too. Biggest changes of the year? April-June, so stay tuned.


  1. I can't believe you are able to make yourself do this every year. Impressed am I!

    The photo for March is incredibly beautiful to me. It reminds me of this poem of mine, copyrighted back inn 2002:

    Oh for a son
    when my head is bowed
    and years have lined my face––
    A stalwart son
    with a gentle heart,
    where I still hold
    a mother’s place.

    Oh, for a son
    when eyes grow dim
    and memories recede––
    A spirited son,
    a steadfast son,
    who sees but does not
    fear my need.

  2. Okay so I'm interested in this love myself project! And no bueno on the totaled truck! Great pictures!!

  3. That prank is pretty funny - I definitely had to check that post out. Yikes about the truck being totaled though, that is scary. I love the idea of your "love myself" project! Sounds like the beginning of your year was very busy.

  4. You have such beautiful photos! That first one of you is amazing. What a great idea to start including yourself in pictures. Since I'm the "photographer" of the family, I'm rarely in any pictures, so I love this idea.

  5. So crazy that it has been five years huh? I couldn't believe it either. I almost didn't do it this year with Thanksgiving and Alex's baptism, but I had to in the end. That chicken- I can't believe they even dared touch it to set it up like that. Glad Ben was okay, and yes it would have been pretty funny if his truck had rolled into the police car :) I always hate taking down Christmas decorations as it does seem so bare and empty afterwards. So glad you linked up again this year.

  6. I know what you mean about how much changes in a year. When I did my Jan-Mar recap, I had totally forgotten about some of the things that happened because they seem like a lifetime ago.

    The Gilbert Temple is beautiful! I saw it when my roommate and I went out to Tempe for Spring Training.