Thursday, December 18, 2014

2014 Review Extravaganza, Part 3--July through September

I can't believe that this is the FIFTH time I've participated in Emmy Mom's Year in Review Extravaganza--a time to reflect on all that's happened at the Sanatorium in the past year.

Here we go with Part 3--July-September

Sam spent most of the summer on a work trip to India, so Heidi decided to come home while he was gone. What a fun summer!
Evie started sounding out words, Micah and Lily participated in MCC's workshop, and I took photos of Tucker's new little family.
July brought the "big reveal" of the project I had spent weeks and weeks developing--a website dedicated to improving gifted education in Mesa Public Schools. Education that brings out the best in all kids is my biggest dream. Here I am, five months later, and I'm still working with the school district, still presenting ideas, and still hoping that change is just around the corner.

Brad and I took a cruise to celebrate our 25th anniversary, and I took very, very few pictures. But we did go. And I got to do yoga on the deck in the middle of the Caribbean. I'll never forget that.


After a week in California with the entire Denton clan, we were shocked back into school earlier than ever before--August 6. Something seems just wrong about that.

I continued my love myself project--I've always loved great shoes.
I continued the back-to-school shopping tradition with each of my kids. Micah, Hyrum, Lily, Evie.

I mourned with the world over the sudden loss of a dear friend. And ground was broken on our cabin up north.
Remember the trip I took with my mom? Dad's turn was in August, and we spent a memorable five days in DC, visiting museums, almost missing planes, eating yummy food, and riding horses through battlefields. Seeing the world through my dad's eyes was an experience I will never forget and one of my favorite memories ever.

We drove to Utah for Annie's baby blessing. What a beautiful day it was. This may be one of my favorite photos from the year.
Ben and I took a short vacay in Utah, and we completed his missionary shopping.

Norbert flooded central AZ--biggest storm in over 100 years. My wet basement attested to it.

Hyrum's visit to the dentist touched my mother heart.

And Heidi and I almost blew up the house canning chicken.

Lily started to cheer and sing at her high school.
And building progressed up north.
I concluded the month with another post on my yearly focus on refining myself--I didn't feel like I'd gotten anywhere in nine months.

Why does it seem like summer was so long ago? 


  1. you are such a devoted reviewer!!! was i in it the first year you did it??? i only participated for 2 or 3 years. love seeing all of your memories, and as always, LOVE your thoughts and insights on life.

  2. You have a beautiful family! Great summer memories you made! Stopping by from the link up :)


  3. WOW! 25th wedding anniversary, that's amazing! Love that you took a cruise and did yoga on the deck!

    Your project sounds fabulous, way to help education!

  4. Happy Anniversary!! So awesome you went on a cruise to celebrate. That was so crazy about the pressure cooker, so glad it didn't blow! Wow, can't even imagine. Your daughter sings beautifully! Wonderful recap once again

  5. That does seem awful early to be starting school... basically middle of the summer... okay bit of an exaggeration but dang! And I wanna go on a cruise! I'd even do Yoga in the middle of the Caribbean if I could go :).